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AEC-Matador 6x6 A 2500 gallon refueler for the RAF from the UK AEC (Associated Equipment Company). This chassis either 2 or 3 axle was the basis of many different versions,including mobile cranes and towing platforms. But only 6 and 4WD versions were built by the Matador for the RAF (Royal Air Force). Heavy bomber aircraft required tankers with 2500 gallons of capacity. Furthermore all 6 wheels are driven and winch. The winch had to be able to pull the Sunderland flying boats ashore and was handy for crash-landed planes to clear the runway again. The tank stock consists of 3 chambers and at the rear the pump system is housed. In April 1946 the tankers were painted in satin blue/grey (RAF – blue) and from June 1949 they had a shiny finish. To support the riders and crew at the wheel change at night, the wheel nuts were painted white. Technical details: Built in the years 1938 – 1953 Engine: AEC 7, 580cc/6ZYL/95 PS designation: Diesel 0854 ('O' for oil) – petrol 854 Weight: 11 tons Tyres: 14:00 – 20, single Turning circle: 21m RAF 131055 – Registration number (1921 – 1949) in series DFP 472-Civil Registration The number in the round circle, at the side of the fuel tank octane Unfortunately, there are only a few records of it.
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